Sunday, October 4, 2015

How to use HTTPS in Blogger Blogs for Free of Cost

Yes, you read it right, Now you can use HTTPs in your blogger blog without paying anything. +Google started HTTPs support for its Blogger platform but right now Google only support non custom domain blogs means if your blog is using .blogspot domain name then you can use this service right now without any money. HTTPs stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure which is similar to HTTP with Encryption in Extra.

Google already changed it major platform to HTTPs enabled like Gmail, Google Search, Analytics etc. Finally Google wants to secure it all blogger blogs by malware free and encrypted content which is good for Bloggers and Readers. Google also give more preference to HTTPs content over non-https content. If you buy HTTPs certificate from any  popular firm like Godaddy , Hostgator it will cost you around 40$ per year but for Blogger this is free. Follow these steps to enable HTTPs in your blog , make sure you are not using custom domain because Google does not support this feature for custom domain but may come in future.

Steps to follow 

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard and select a particular blog.
  2. form left side menu , click on Settings-> Basics
  3. Right Side , scroll to HTTPs Settings.
  4. Now choose "Yes" from option Dropdown  and save it.

Now if you access blog with https , it will allow to access. By changing these settings you may notice that it start giving mixed content warning because some of your resource file like images, js and css is serving from non https. If you are facing any mixed content warnings comment here, I will write another post to fix it.


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