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How to send Free Sms to any Mobile in any country With Gmail

Send Free sms From GmailYeah, Its true. Google has been launched Free SMS service in many countries including Asian Countries (India, Pakistan) . Earlier this service is available only in Canada and US but now you can send Free SMS to any mobile in world without any charge. This service is freely available and you can access it in your Gmail account. Its a very simple and useful service when any friends is not online at the time then you can chat with him on over SMS chat service. Short Message Service is really popular among youth and using this one in Gmail is really wonderful. Now, Don`t need to go anywhere to send Free sms online. The only requirement for using this service is a Gmail account and I hope, all of you having a Gmail account sure. Here is simple steps to send Free sms to your friends from Gmail.

Steps to Send Free SMS With Gmail

  • To add a contact number in your Friend, Find your Friend name and Hover the mouse over the name, it will show More button, click on More button and Choose Send SMS option.
Add a Mobile number in Gmail

  •  Enter the Mobile number in Next Pop up window and Click Save
Setup mobile number for free sms in Gmail
  •  Now, You can chat with it when He is online at Gmail otherwise you can send a sms if he is offline.
Sms Chat in Gmail

Note: If a Friend is not in your Friend List then First add Him in your Friend list and Follow the above steps.

What is SMS Credit

You have seen a sms credit information in Chat window that show how mush credit is left in your account. Currently Google allows you to send 50 SMS. 1 Credit is equal to 1 SMS, but if anyone replied your Gmail SMS then you will get 5 Credit in your account.
If you lose all your 50 credits, don`t worry after 24 hour you will receive 1 credit. A smart way to add more credit in your account is to send SMS in your own number and replying it.

What is Charge of this Service

This is a Free Service form Google, means Google will not charge anything for using this Service but For Giving a reply of Gmail SMS, you have to pay 1 Rs. per reply, it may also depend on your Operator.

Supported Mobile Operators

Currently this service is available in many countries supported by many operators. In India, supported operators are Aircel, Reliance, MTS and other major operators. Here is the list of all supported Mobile  operators.  



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