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Simplest Way to Get Google Authtorship

google authorshipGoogle authorship means Google show your profile in Google search result as a author. If any user are searching any content from Google Search and If your site having such content then Google show your site with Title, Description and link of the content page. This is a normal search result but if your a verified author from Google means First Google Verify  that Content written by the you then It will Show your profile photo with their website in search result. This concept is called Authorship and Its really looks cool when your photo come with your website in search result and may increase your traffic through Google Search engine because a photo will attract the attention of users, if  9 other results don`t have such things in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
This is all about Google authorship. Now the main thing is that how to get Google authorship in less time. Many bloggers are searching for it and do not find any good and fast procedure to get Google authorship. So I decide to make short and Fast Procedure to Get Google authorship for your blog. My method is the simplest method to get authorship. To get for your blog, just follow these steps.

Author profile photo within Search

Simplest way to Get Google Authorship [Step 1]

  1. First Go to Your Google Plus Profile, if you have not Sign up for Google+ Here.
  2. Click on Edit Profile
  3. Now, Click on Contributor To section on the right.
Contributor Section
      4. Click on Add Custom Link
      5. Save the Link.
Now Note Down Your Google+ profile ID, Find it on your Address bar like this

Google plus profile and page id

Step 2 [For Blogger]

    1. Now, Go to Blogger > Template > Edit HTML
    2. paste the Following Code just below <head>
<link href='' rel='author'/>
    3. Change Google+ Profile 100342087706637196326 with your Google+ ID.

Step2 [For WordPress Users]

  1. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Editor
  2. Open Header.php File
  3. Paste the Above code just before </head> Tag
  4. Save the template.

One Last Step.

After Completing the above steps , You have to Fill this Form with your Name, Email and Google+ profile URL.
Google Authorship Form

To verify that your have done all steps correct, Go to Google Rich Snippets to Chech that it is showing Google Google Plus Profile in Search Result. If yes, then wait 12-24 hour, It will be shown on Main Google Search Page.


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