Sunday, October 4, 2015

How to use HTTPS in Blogger Blogs for Free of Cost

Yes, you read it right, Now you can use HTTPs in your blogger blog without paying anything. +Google started HTTPs support for its Blogger platform but right now Google only support non custom domain blogs means if your blog is using .blogspot domain name then you can use this service right now without any money. HTTPs stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure which is similar to HTTP with Encryption in Extra.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

How to Stop AutoPlay of Facebook Videos in mobile and Web

Facebook start Auto play of video in their Timeline. what does it means? it means that now whenever you scroll to your facebook timeline if any video appears it will automatically starting playing without clicking on play button of user. This is something annoying to users because some videos we really don't want to watch in some places. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Flying Planes making tricolor flag of India on your website like Flipkart

Hello Guys , Today I will show you a good animation that you can use on your website also , flying planes making indian flag on Flipkart website celebrating 15th August , Known as Independence day of India , so i decided to develop the same and so you can also celebrate Independence day of India. I just investigate and found they are making this with  HTMl5  canvas technique ,so for our readers i build the same if you want to use can also add this animation to your Website/Blog also.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Add Facebook Recommendation Bar Widget in Blogger

Hello Bloggers. The most awaited Widget has been arrived. Yes, Facebook releases its recommendation Bar widget for Blogger or WordPress blog. Few days earlier, Facebook already launched its officially sharing widget, Now, it time for recommendation widget. This widget is basically used your post keywords and then find out smiler post related to the current post and show up. By the help of this widget, you can reduce your blog bouncing rate and increase page view which are both increase your blog reputation as well as your pocket money. This recommendation widget is currently in beta mode and may have any bugs. You can get this widget in a simple step from Facebook Recommendation Bar Generator and Generate it within 2 min.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Image and Text Slider For your blog

In my previous post, you all have learned about Marquee tag in HTML, Its uses and  much more. Now, Its time to design or develop something which is useful for your website or blog. So here I will tell how to  make professional Marquee Slider like jQuery. In this Widget, I used simple JavaScript as well as Marquee tag to implement this. You have seen this widget in Many blog or website to show their clients at the bottom of page. Now this time you can also develop your own Slider with simple Steps. Here I am showing you three different format of this slider. One for Text just like a Floating News Widget and other for Image with Pause, Start and Stop buttons. So Lets starts with this tutorial.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Social Sharing Button With Hover Effect V2

Hey Bloggers, I am again with Social Sharing Buttons. This time i developed a simple, cool and attractive Social Sharing buttons using CSS. I already published a simple widget of Social Sharing Buttons with Hover effect and I am very happy that you liked that widget very so here i developed this Widget for your blog. This is a very light weight widget with less CSS and HTML code. It load in less then a second. I put mouse hover effects on it to make it more cool. I used rectangle social media icon which looks awesome in your blog.There are total five sharing buttons, start from twitter, Facebook, RSS, YouTube and Google Plus. I used these buttons because these are the very common and popular social channel in Internet world. So Lets add this widget in your blog. This widget is compatible with Blogger, WordPress and any HTML webpage ,supported by any web browser.

Speed Control in Marquee, Make interactive Webpage -Part 2

I hope you all enjoyed a lot with my previous post Make Interactive Webpages Using Marquee -Part1. In this post I explained the basic uses and properties (Attributes) of Marquee tag in HTML. Now, In the Next Tutorial of Marquee, I am going to explain you how to use Start and Stop functionality, Speed control of Marquee text. To learn this tutorials, I recommend you first go through the Part-1 Marquee tutorial. You can say this is a advance tutorial to develop sliding text widget for your blog. So Let start with Marquee Part-2 tutorials.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Make Webpage more interactive using Marquee Part-1

Making your blog or Website attractive is a very tough and complicated task. Most developers uses JavaScript and CSS to design more relevant webpages. Instead of JavaScript there are some predefined tags in HTML to provide best User Interface in your website. In this series, I will tell you how to make webpages more interactive using light and predefined HTML  tags. In the first part of this i am telling how to use the most popular HTML tag Marquee in your website to make it more User friendly. The main use of marquee tag is to provide sliding effect, dynamically. You can make text/image scroll from left to right, top to bottom and vice versa respectively. So Let`s start with <Marquee> tag.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sharing Media Icons with Animation Effects using CSS3

Hello Friends. After Simple Subscription Box widget I am sharing again with new Sharing icons (buttons) with cool effects using CSS3. You know, we can give dynamic looks in our HTML code using CSS version 3 without any need of rich java script. I tried and make a unique, attractive and good looking sharing button with Black and White icons of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and You Tube.I put some hover effects on these buttons so user got impressed using this design.I developed this Design with few line of code because of CSS3. Its make my work more easy. I decided to share it with. You can add these button in any HTML website like your blogger or WordPress Blog. It will load in few seconds and does not effect your blog loading time. To add these buttons in your blog, follow these simple steps.


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